The Garden Manor

- The Dr. Lewis M. Early House c. 1895 -

- COVID Can't Stop Christmas 2020 -

Christmas at The Manor is a feast for all the senses! The sights, sounds and aromas fill the air with the Spirit of Christmas.

You never know who might stop by - Period Carolers, a couple of members of the Columbus Opera or even many members of the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus.

The elegant charm of the Manor is the perfect place to rediscover the meaning of Christmas past and learn how  to fall in love with Christmas all over again!!



c.1895 is an individual listing on the Columbus Register of Historic Properties. Originally it was built as the office and residence of Dr. Lewis M. Early, M.D. and his wife Lulu. Dr. Early was a pioneer in the development of x-ray technology for medical use.

In the 1940’s it was used as a Bed & Breakfast for visiting African American musicians who played the famous jazz clubs on Mt. Vernon Avenue and Long Street.

In 1974 it was the home of the Garden Manor Cultural Arts Center serving as an outreach to aspiring young African American artists and entrepreneurs.

Christmas at the manor